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Welcome to the Open Grimoire!

Table of Contents

Go to the Table of Contents to see a general outline of the topics. Feel free to re-arrange and add more sections, topics, etc.

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Here at the Open Grimoire we intend to provide a community driven, community edited, and community monitored encyclopedia of knowledge about Paganism. Everything from different belief systems to practical guides to divination, magick, ritual, and everything else under the Sun and Moon. Feel free to contribute, make changes, create new pages, and enjoy the site.

Content should be limited to information about different Pagan paths, their rituals, spells, etc. including such topics as Asatru, Druidism, Wicca, Divination, Crystals, Smudging, Magick, etc. Feel free to edit or create pages on topics you are knowledgeable in.

Do not list copyrighted work except when citing sources and do not upload copyrighted images. If in doubt we will remove them. Also, it is necessary at this point to require user accounts for creating content. I'm currently administering this on my own in my free time and this morning alone I had to delete over 120 randomly created users and pages full of spam. So, for now, we will require account confirmation to slow down spamming and garbage on the site. To begin editing please go to the Account Creation Page.

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